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Like any good Mexican, I love a Fiesta, and the nightlife in Belfast city can provide you all you need for a great party/fiesta nite.

Two venues I recommend for getting down in are…

Bambu Beach Club

Who says it rains in Belfast? At the Bambu Club every nite is a party on the beach nite! A favourite spot for clubbers of all ages (over 21yrs) on five nights of every week.

Party nites every Tues,Thurs, Fri,Sat and Sunday. Located inside theĀ odyssey complex,

you can even grab a meal and a movie before hitting the dance floor.

Contact number

0044 2890 460011

My next favourite is

M Club

In the heart of Belfast’s Nightclub scene in Bradbury Place Belfast this award winning club has everything you need for a great nite out.

Don’t miss the exclusive VIP Area for a chance to mingle with the local celebrities and the ocassional Hollywood Star.

Now where are my dancing shoes?

Have a song about Belfast, (if you have come home from a good night in the city!)

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