Belfast sayings. Popular Belfast and Northern Irish Sayings

A guide to Belfast Sayings, or how to speak Belfast!

Some of the common expressions in Belfast and their ‘translated’ meanings.

Aye – means “Yes”.

Bake – means a persons face

Bout Ye – means “Hello”

Mucker – a friend or mate.

Scundered – embarrased

Taty Bread – as in potato bread (local recipe), and is rhyming slang for DEAD

My favourite has to be Dead On, which translates to ‘everything is ok!’

Keep checking back as we will be adding more regularly, and soon you will be an expert in ‘Belfast speak’!

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Some more Belfast Lingo, thanks to Matty

wa? : short for what

dander: a walk

miggin: horrible (often used in terms of weather!)

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