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Belfast Sink, do you know what type of sink it is?

It is a distinctive version of a Butler sink.

Butler sinks originated in the late 17th/early 18th century and were found usually in the utility room of a home (or domestic servants/butlers area)

Construction consisted of a thick 4cm plus wall of ceramic.

The Belfast (Butler) sink differed from the other versions in that it had a weir overflow built into it, as seen on the left hand side of the sink in the picture below.

The reason for this weir overflow, was that at the time these sinks were constructed, Belfast had an extremely plentiful supply of water and wastage of water was not a concern.

As a matter of contrast the ‘London’ Butler sink did not have a weir overflow, as the supply of water in London in the same period was not as abundant.

Belfast Sink


So in conclusion a ‘Belfast’ Butler sink has an overflow built into it whereas the standard Butler sink does not:)!
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