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Cycling to lose weight has been chosen as the new name for my exercise program.

Originally I was calling my program running to lose weight, but as my fitness level has improved I have begun cycling again more frequently. Now I find that I am cycling more than I am running or walking..anyhow here is my july diary

Wed 1st July

I was going to cycle some 2hrs but the weather turned bad and gave any exercise a miss.

Thurs and Fri 2nd/3rd July

Walked 1 hour each day( approx 4 miles)

Sat 4th July

Ran 4.5miles in sub 40 mins with 4min run/1 min walk schedule

Sun 5th July

Cycled about 11/2 hrs relaxo

Mon 6th July

Nil training

Tuesday 7th July

Ran 4 miles approx 36mins 4min run 1min walk schedule

Wed 8th July

Cycled 2hrs 15mins about 42 miles..feeling half fit:)!

Walked 1hr

FRIDAY 10TH nil training

Sat 11th July

Cycled 2hrs 10 mins

If I lose my target of 18kgs before next spring I have promised myself one of the
Cervelo Bikes for time trialling

watch this space!

Sunday 12th July

Ran 5miles sub 45 mins with 4 mins run and 1 min walk

Mon 13th July

Walked 1 hour

Tuesday 14th July

Ran 5 miles sub 45 mins ran 4 mins walk 1 min

Wed 15th July

Cycled 3hrs/ 54.5miles

Thurs 16th July

Walked 1hour at Tollymore Forest.

Fri 17th July

Walked 1hr

Sat 18th JulyCycled 3hours

Sun 19TH July

Ran 5 miles run 4 mins walk 1 min sub 44mins.

Mon 20th July

Cycled 1hour to work and back.

Tues,Wed and Thurs 21-23rdst July nil training..watched TDF and drank vino!Fri 24th July nil(TAKE THIS AS AN UNOFFICIAL REST WEEK:))

Sat 25TH July

Cycled 1 1/2 hours, feel like swine flu coming on.

Wheels come off, and Mr Blobby returns..see latest update…

Follow up my future progress at my cycling diary here.

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To find out about the origins of this exercise program follow the link to running to lose weight

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