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Irish Symbols

Irish Symbols. A look at different symbols of Irish identity and their significance.

Some ideas to have about Symbols of Irish Identity

Every society is characterized with some symbols of their own. The symbols
reflect the socio-cultural values attached with the society. Not only the
socio-cultural values, but also the religious beliefs are also sometimes
attached with them as well. A detail study of the symbols associated with a
particular society gives us the idea of the society in a generalized manner.
For this reason, the studies of these symbols are of very much importance,
particularly to the historians, anthropologists, archeologists etc. Just like
the other societies, Irish Symbols signify and reflect the Irish society to us.
They have a number of symbols, which signify different meanings for different
symbols. And while we study them, we can have the idea about the richness of
cultural values associated with the Irish society. These symbols are popularly
known as the Celtic symbols, and are quiet common in the territories of Ireland
and Scotland.

In these symbols, the animals, nature, arts, all are included, and thus holds a
very important place in the history of the world. The symbols reflect the
human emotions as well, and the example of Claddagh Heart is worth mentioning
in this regard. This heart symbol signifies love, loyalty, friendship. This
heart symbol is found in the wedding rings, and the positioning of the heart
symbol signifies the bonding of the concerned person with someone else.

Another example in the Irish symbols is the Celtic Cross and the Celtic Knot.
Celtic cross is different from the conventional Crosses; it has a circle around
the center of the cross. Different people signify Celtic Cross in a different
manner. To some, the cross represents the eternal life by the circle, and the
eventual surrendering to the god. Some other signifies the circle as the symbol
of sun, the most important one for our living and the representative of God to
us. The same feel for eternity symbolizes in the Celtic knots. Celtic knots
are of different shapes, and each shape signifies different philosophy. The
circular knot signifiers the eternal life, while the triangular shape signifies
the three stages of life cycle, Birth, Death, and rebirth. Another kind of the
Celtic Knot of interlaced type signifies the mutual dependence between
humankind and nature.

Irish Symbols generally signify the human philosophy with the spiritual values.
However, in some of the symbols, we find the animals, each of them signify
different virtues. As for example, the Bulls represent the strength and
passion, while the birds are symbolized as the communicator for the messages.
There is dog to signify the bonding between humankind and the animals, while
the snakes signify the creativity. Among the other symbols, Trees of Love
signify the bonding between the humankind and heaven, connected by trees. This
symbol also signifies the continuity of human life in a never-ending cycle. And
just like the trees of Love, there is another tree that features in the
symbols, called the Shamrock. The tree signifies Trinity in human life. Many
people believe that this tree can keep the evil force away from our life.

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