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Information on flights available to Belfast from Leeds in the U.K.

Flights to Belfast from Leeds Bradford U.K. are avaiable from two low cost airline operators.

Flybe.com flies to the Belfats city airport from Leeds airport.The Belfast city airport is very convenient to the city centre,with a short taxi (10 min)ride dropping you into the heart of Belfast.

Flybe.com contact details shown below (for latest timetable information)



0871 700 2000

Also flights to Belfast from Leeds Bradford are provided by Jet2.com.These flights leave passengers at the international airport.Disembarking passengers can catch a regular bus or hire private taxis for the 25km/25 min drive to Belfats city centre.

More time table information for Jet2.com flights can be obtained here:

Airline Code: LS

Reservations: 0871 226 1 737

Website: www.jet2.com
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