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Movie star luxury in the heart of Belfast city in Northern Ireland. The place to stay? The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

The Merchant Hotel Belfast is a five star option situated in the perfect area to allow visitors to explore Belfast. This luxurious accommodation is a fine mix of classical elegance, art deco, and modern convenience. This boutique hotel has only been in business since 2006 but has already received endless praise, rave reviews, and it even won the international respected Spirit Award for having the world’s best cocktail bar. If you are looking for a hotel where you will always be welcomed as a VIP then the Merchant Hotel in Belfast will be right up your street. When you manage to pull yourself outside of this hotel you will be only minutes away from the main shopping areas and tourist attractions of Belfast.

The History of the Merchant Hotel Belfast

The Merchant Hotel Belfast is situated in the building that used to be Ulster Bank headquarters. This grand old building has been an attractive part of the Belfast landscape since 1860, but it required extensive renovations in order to turn it into a 5 star accommodation. When it was originally built the architects were obviously out to inspire people and they managed this with an imposing outside design and detailed plaster work inside the building. Much of the wonder of this old building has remained intact to be enjoyed by visitors to the Merchant Hotel.

Merchant Hotel Belfast Facilities 

The facilities available to guests at the Merchant Hotel are certainly impressive and comprehensive. We have already mentioned their award winning cocktail bar, but there is a lot more entertainment than this on offer. In fact most will agree that there is hardly any reason to leave the hotel at all as there are so many great options available.

The Great Room Restaurant is considered the pride of the hotel where you can get to enjoy internationally dishes produced by some world class chefs. As well as great dinners and a noteworthy breakfast menu there is also afternoon teas available.

– The Cloth Ear is the hotel’s public bar but is a real favourite with guests as well. Like the rest of the hotel the design here is a mixture of old and new. As well as an ideal place to go to relax or socialise the Cloth Ear also puts on a nice food menu as well.

– Bert’s is credited with being the only truly authentic Jazz bar in Belfast. Here you can enjoy the best jazz of the 1930s provided by some of the top musicians around. To add to the authenticity the art deco is exactly what you would expect to find in this type of bar. French food is high on the menu, but there are also choices for those with other palates.

– The Private Members and Residents Bar is nice little quite spot in the hotel for those who want to relax in elegance. Once again the design is art deco, but with a lot of the focus on comfort.

– Oldies Nightclub is considered one of the most lavish of all nightclubs in Ireland. It is opened at weekends and here you will be able to enjoy some great music and almost any beverage you can imagine.

– The Bar is the most renowned of all the entertainment options at the hotel as it has won many rewards. This bar has won reward not just because of the unique design but also because the ambience is second to none, and the service is first class. If you are staying in the hotel you will get to experience what all the fuss is about for yourself. As well as a lot of food and entertainment options you will also get to enjoy some other great facilities while staying at the hotel including-

-The Gymnasium where you will find the best equipment and trainers in the city. The focus here is not only on physical health but also spiritual and mental as well. – The Spa is where you go when you want to be pampered.

– If you have a meeting or function then you will find that the hotel will be able to provide an appropriate space for this.

– If you want to be really pampered you can arrange for the hotel to pick you up in a Bentley so that you arrive in style.

As you would expect the rooms at the Merchant Hotel are top class. The furniture and fittings in the rooms could best be described as luscious and every guest is going to feel like they are a VIP. All the best in modern amenities are also available in this hotel. The rooms are
spacious and you will have room to swing more than a cat in the bathrooms. Like the rest of the hotel the furnishings in the room hark back to the 1930s with a modern twist.

The hotel is fully accessible for those in wheelchairs. Children are always very welcome but pets are not.

Prices at the Merchant Hotel Belfast

The prices at the Merchant Hotel are about what you would expect for 5 Star accommodation of this type. Prices start at about £150 a night and rises up to £450; although there are frequent special promotions that can mean the price comes down considerably. This is an
extremely popular hotel so it is always recommended that you book ahead.

Location of the Merchant Hotel Belfast

The hotel is situated in a great location for visitors to Belfast. It can be found in the Cathedral Quarter of the city which is only a few minutes away from the main shopping areas such as Victoria Square Shopping Centre. Most of the main tourist attractions such as the Titanic
quarter and Ulster Museum are also nearby. The Merchant Hotel is located 28 kilometres away from Belfast International Airport, and 5.6 kilometres away from Belfast City Airport.

The city train station is only 2 kilometres away. It would be hard for visitors to find a better location in the city and this is another great reason to choose this hotel.

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