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Nowadays, the trend of staycations is getting more popular. Not to mention that Belfast Northern Ireland is such a wonderful place that is also booming when it comes to its tourism industry. That is why I have prepared some staycation in Belfast Northern Ireland recommendations that you and friends or family can engage to during this summer season. There are also other groupon hotel deals Northern Ireland that I will blog about on my future posts. But for now let’s just marvel at 7 staycation tips I summarized.

1. Camping or cavanning

Camping or cavanning

Camping or cavanning

So the first on my list is camping or cavanning. Believe it or not, we have camping parks that will suit all tastes with great various selection of facilities on site. You can choose from a noisy, hectic yet dynamic camping sites or a small, passive and quite camping site on some remote areas or even romantic weekend breaks Northern Ireland. But all have exquisite locations. Basically the choice is yours.

2. Game of Thrones tours

Game of Thrones tours

Dramatic scenes at the Game of Thrones tours

If you’re an avid fan of the HBO hit series’ Game of Thrones just like me, then I suggest that you indulge yourself of Game of Thrones tours so you can discover the dramatic set used in the show. Belfast Northern Ireland is likewise home to Titanic Studios where Game of Thrones is shot, and near to other filming locations across Northern Ireland including The King’s Road, Winterfell, The Wall and Dragonstone.

3. Fermanagh Lakelands

Fermanagh Lakelands

A beautiful location for tourists.

I must say that there are absolutely endless possibilities of outdoor quests in this place. It’s a beautiful location for tourists who loved to participate in water activities yet also wanted to have bucolic countryside feels. During our stay at the hotel deals northern Ireland spa we did enjoy our staycation in their catered suites with fresh and clean rooms not to mention the delish foods they served.

4. Armagh


The city is rich in culture and cathedrals

Armagh is also one of my favorite from the list. The city has irrefutably rich culture and cathedrals. It’s a significant place to gratify your soul with so much to offer when it comes to history and scenic landscapes. Among the top places to visit are Gardens & Parklands, Libraries & Museums, Loughgall Country Park & Golf Club and Planetarium

5. Glamping


Camping in class and style

For those who wanted to take in an adventure but not totally sacrificing comfort, glamping would be the perfect choice for staycation in Belfast Northern Ireland. You’ll just have to put up a tent, camp in style and elegance at perfect sites within Belfast Northern Ireland.

6. Derry’s Walls

Derrys Walls

Derry’s Walls are massive city walls

Among the many notable shrines in Derry, it’s the massive city Walls on the west bank of the River Foyle are considered the most outstanding and memorable. Just walking around the splendid walls will make you appreciate the heritage, history and culture of Derry’s Walls. According to history, the walls were built between 1613-1618 by the honorable, Irish Society as a form of defense for early seventeenth century colonizers from England and Scotland.

7. Rathlin Island

Rathlin Island

Rathlin Island with rugged landscape yet full of tranquility

If you want to lose or discover yourself or if you’re soul searching then I highly recommend that you should visit the Rathlin Island with rugged landscape yet full of tranquility and real beauty. It is also a picture-perfect staycation for visitors who want to learn and see shipwrecks artifacts around the island. At the same time, you can marvel at seals while touring the islands. This will definitely make your staycation in Belfast Northern Ireland even unforgettable.









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