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The Belfast Northern Ireland website was compiled by myself Xochitl Hernandez and my husband Dominic, our family, friends and relatives who live in Belfast and those throughout the world who have visited this beautiful city and added their contributions.

We are aiming to bring you an independent view of Belfast and Northern Ireland, for both visitors,tourists and local people.As well as providing tourist and business information we are trying at all times to add a little bit of behind the scene news and history about places and people associated with the city and country.

Of course the views we express on the pages are our own ,but we welcome contributions and opinions good and bad from all the people of the world who come to this website and are happy to add them to further enrich our website visitors experience.

Myself and my husband have had the good fortune to have travelled much of the world, but after all we have seen, there is only one country we would wish to reside in, and that is here in Northern Ireland.

Ps:of course the fact that I am Mexican and you can now find all the chillis,corn flour and black beans that I would normally only find in Mexico, in Northern Ireland does not affect my judgement:)!

Hopefully after visiting this website,you will come to agree with us and then join the country of Northern Ireland’s millions of annual tourists.

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Remember you are welcome to add your own comments and opinions on any aspect of this website by using the form at the bottom of this page (also found on most pages throughout the site).

Have a good time.


Web Editor

April 2015

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