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Explore Armagh Northern Ireland the city and county.

Armagh the smallest of Northern Ireland’s counties, but large in historical stature.

Armagh is commonly known as the ‘Orchard County’ , owing to the rich apple growing areas centred around Loughgall town in the north of County Armagh. Each May the countryside here blossoms with colour as the flowers of apple trees cover much of the green countryside; an annual Apple Blossom Festival celebrates the season’s start (my hubbie apparently used to ride the odd bike race during this festival time)

Armagh City, while not the main settlement in the County, is full of heritage. The City is a fine example of Georgian architecture and one of its landmarks is its Mall, lined by elegant Georgian style houses and leafy trees. The city and surrounding area have much deeper roots in history, as can be seen at the County Museum, which boasts a great display of prehistoric artefacts among its many collections.

Navan Fort (location of a popular Autumn runnin race), a short distance west of Armagh City, is thought to have been an ancient pagan ceremonial site. It is made up of a large circular earthwork surrounding the peak of a drumlin hill and is an area of some fascinating archaeological finds. It is popular in Irish mythology and history and is thought to have been the earliest capital of Ulster. The Navan Centre, explores the legends and history which surrounds the area.

Armagh City is perhaps best known for its rich Christian heritage. The city has been the spiritual centre of Ireland since Saint Patrick founded his first church on the hilltop site of the present Church of Ireland Cathedral in approx 445AD.Nowadays the leadership of both the Catholic and Anglican Churches of Ireland are situated here.

Saint Patrick’s Trian Visitor Complex, a brilliant attraction for children, features interactive displays exploring Armagh’s prehistoric, Christian and more recent history.

Armagh’s other attractions include:

The Palace Stables, allowing children to experience life in Georgian times.

And the family can enjoy the future of space exploration at Armagh Northern Ireland Planetarium and Astropark.(beam me up Scotty!)

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