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Step into a time machine, go back to the year 1953, and enjoy mouth-watering honeycomb, traditional fudge, and macaroon cake courtesy of Aunt Sandra. Alright, so Aunt Sandra may have retired, but her tradition of handcrafted goodies, as well as the goodies themselves, are being carried on by her nephew David Moore.

And while it may not be 1953, the shop has been redone to look exactly as it would have in Aunt Sandras day. In the factory, you can observe for yourself exactly how delicately those at Aunt Sandras treat their ingredients. Besides salivating at the goodies on offer, you will also be able to have a chat with David, who is good at the old sweet talk!

Donne droit :

– an Aunt Sandra’s candy tasting

– a welcome history of Aunt Sandra’s and a tour of the factory

– a chance to make your own candy floss and fudge

– a demonstration of candy making and tasting

– a giftbox of handmade fudge and candy to take home

Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory is nationally renowned as one of the finest purveyors of hand made chocolates, fudge and boiled sweets, made from 100 year old recipes. A visit to the shop is like taking a trip back in time where visitors can look in on the whole production process and see how hand made chocolates and hand made fudge are made, most of which can be sampled as it’s produced.

For people of a certain generation nothing evokes childhood like the aroma of sweets being made in the traditional way. At Aunt Sandras, where the now legendary east Belfast sweetmakers nephew David keeps that tradition alive, you can not only buy old favourites like fudge, macaroon cakes, honeycomb, brown lemonade, brandy balls, clove rock, raspberry ruffle, tablet fudge and yellow man, you can see them being made too. Using a 100-year-old sweet machine used by Aunt Sandra and her employer Willie Dunne (Dunny) at his original sweet factory, David and his staff have brought a vital Belfast tradition back to glorious life again.

Step into the past with a visit to Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory and see candy making as it used to be. Our little shop and small factory at the back attract visitors from all over Ireland and beyond and all receive a warm welcome. It has been taken the shop back in time to how it looked in 1953. From the gray slate floor to the wooden counter and ceiling all is as it used to be.

Add to this the Belfast brick walls reclaimed from the old houses now sadly gone from the area and you have stepped back to 1953.Tours run everyday plus evenings and weekends for individuals and groups, so weather you’re feeling nostalgic or want to treat the kids to something different, or perhaps make a party memorable, then Aunt Sandra’s is well worth the visit. As Aunt Sandra’s is quite small Group visits should book in advance!!

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