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The Belfast City hall is another very prominent monument located within the city of Belfast. It is a civic building that is located in one of the most prominent parts of the city. It is located in County Anterim which is one of the six counties present in Northern Ireland. This county covers an approximate area of 3046 km and has a population of 616,000. It is well known also for housing the Giants Causeway that is a very interesting landscape located in this County.

Within the County Anterim, City hall is located on Donegall square. The Donegall square is a square that is situated exactly in the center of County Anterim. Each side of the square is named differently depending on the side that it is facing such as Donegall square North, Donegall square South, Donegall square East and Donegall square west. It was named after the Donegall family who were an influential family in Ireland in the Past. Other buildings to possess their name are Donegall Road, Donegall Pass and Donegall Street.

Donegall Place, the citys main shopping center is along the north side of Donegall Square. Many important buildings are situated in Donegall square such as banks like HSBC Nationwide, Bank of Ireland, Northern Bank and Ulster Bank. Many of these have their northern Ireland Headquarters in the square. The famous Northern Ireland bank robbery also took place here.

It is also the location of many leading Law firms such as Mc.Gregors and Company, Rice and Company etc. It is hence quite safe to state that the City Hall is located in quite an important part of the County. Hence, it should not be too hard to find in case one wants to visit. Anyone who lives in the County should be able to give directions in case a person is lost. However, just in case, the details of City Hall is as follows:

Address: Belfast City Hall, Donegall Square, BT1 5GS
Belfast City Hall Website: belfastcity.gov.uk

Belfast City Hall Tours and Timings
Monday Friday: 11am, 2pm and 3pm
Saturday: 2pm and 3 pm. There are no tours on Sundays and bank holidays.

Tours are given on a first come first serve basis and leave from the reception area of City Hall. It is usually led by experienced guides who have been working there for years and are very well versed with the history of Ireland. It usually lasts for about one hour and the tourists can explore some of its finest features along with a detailed explanation for anything that they may want to know.

The splendid work of the craftsmen can be enjoyed in the Hall. Also, the stairs and the ambience make it very similar to what it might have been like on board the titanic. Hence it can also be a very exciting experience for people who enjoyed the movie. Additionally, Belfast City hall does not charge an entry fee for those who wish to visit. It is absolutely free. Hence, it is definitely a must visit Locale for anyone who visits Belfast.

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