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The Belfast Murals (illustrations on walls and buildings), are a popular attraction for tourists to Belfast and local visitors.

They are often found in areas which were most deeply affected by the troubles/war which took place between 1969 and the mid 1990s in Northern Ireland.

People used the murals as a method to spell out their political allegiance and as a means to get their message across to a wider audience.

Many of the murals are political and are concerned not just with the past conflict in Ireland, but also past and present conflicts throughout the world.

See some examples here:

Belfast Mural
Belfast City Murals
However as well as political murals, there are also a number of non political illustrations on local Belfast Streets, including paintings of George Best (the worlds greatest footballer-according to Pele!), the Titanic ship (famous ill fated liner built in Belfast), and CS Lewis (author of the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Chronicles of Narnia etc)

Some local agents run tours of the murals with informative guides who being Belfast born people are also entertaining.

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