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The Belfast Quarters are unique cultural zones within the city.(not quarter sized areas of Belfast)

The zones known as quarters first arose in 2001 with a view to help tourism and regenerate the urban area,.

There are four principal quarter areas:

The Titanic Quarter

An area of 75 heactares around the port area of Belfast and adjacent to the shipyard were the ill fated Titanic was built.There are plans for a Titanic themed museum as well as an extensive waterfront dvelopment of apartments, offices and retail/pedestrian areas.

The Cathedral Quarter

A zone in the city centre, which has St Anne’ Cathedral as its hub.It is the cultural/arts quarter of Belfast with the Custom House Square being used for outdoor events(including my favourite Chillifest!), and lively bars,cafes,arts and entertainment venues.

The Queens Quarter

Based in south Belfast with the Queen’s University and bustling student life as its centre.Also Botanic Gardens and the soon to re-open Ulster Museum( don’t mention the Mummy!).Another part of this quarter includes the designer boutiques and parade of shops on the Lisburn Road (aka Belfast’s Kings Road)

The last remaining quarter is the

Gaeltacht Quarter

This is based around the famous Falls Road , and is the city’s centre for Irish language and culture, with Irish speaking residents and bi-lingual street signs.A popular visting point for tourists interested in the political murals and all things ‘Irish’

Each of these zones promotes a series of lively events throughout the year for both tourists and locals.

If you need any further information on the Belfast cultural quarters or have any questions about forthcoming events, drop us a line via the form below.

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