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Car Insurance Northern Ireland; find great deals on car insurance in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

There is more than one type of car insurance Northern Ireland.


Insurance is one of the insurance companies that offer you low-cost car insurance that is applicable to:

* Young drivers. These are the ones who just got the driving license for thefirst time.* Women drivers. Women are supposed to drive much safer than men; thereforethey are given discounted insurance.* Mature drivers. Discounted insurance because of their experience andexpertise of long time driving. Safety drivers will get rewarded.* Taxi drivers. All taxi drivers within Ireland are given dedicated insurancepackages by Quinn-direct Taxi and Hackney Insurance.

Some of the common benefits that you will get are:* Free breakdown policy. If your car happens to be malfunction and stopped bythe roadside, or even at your home. This includes towing your car to thenearest or your favorite repair shop; whichever is nearer. This offer is onlylimited within the territories.

When your car is repaired, the company will payfor the cost of public transport when you collect your car. If the car cannotbe repaired yet, you may either use the company’s replacement car up to 48hours or a bed-and-breakfast-only accommodation for one night while your car isbeing repaired.* Easy payment plan. This company allows you to pay your insurance fees byinstallment.

This is helpful because you won’t need to pay in a large amount;especially for young drivers who are still studying or just started to work.You will need to pay a 20% deposit and 10 months of installment by direct debitwith a service charge of 6.67%.* 24 hours helpline. You can call the helpline anytime of the day to report aclaim.* Loss key policy.

The insurance company will pay all the cost of changing locks and transmitter up to £300 only.* Personal accident policy. This policy is only valid if you are injured in anaccident which leads to death or permanent disabilities. It is only applicablewithin a period of 3 months up to £5000 only. Either the policy holder or alegal representative can make claim.* Medical expenses policy. The company will pay for the injured person, in thecar that involved in an accident up to £100 only.

All policies and beneficiaries are limit applicable terms and conditions. Noinsurance coverage for any situation that is not acceptable within the policy.

QUINN-direct is the Car Insurance Northern Ireland that you can go for. You canget your quotation by filling up an online form from their website. Then waitfor their call. You may also call their helpline and speak to the representative.

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