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County Armagh in Northern Ireland witnesses the influx of tourists in large numbers. This County is known to be the home for some of the interesting places in Northern Ireland region. The nightlife of Armagh is also quite well-known.

Armagh is popular for producing apples in huge quantities. It can be truly called as the apple capital of Northern Ireland. Apple Orchards can be visited to see the entire area of plantation covered with trees bearing apples. It is said that the tradition of apple growing traces back to around 300 years ago. Much of the apples that are produced in Northern Ireland come from Armagh.

Navan Fort holds historical importance in County Armagh. The Navan Fort was once thought to be the home of the then rulers of Ulster, Red Branch Knights. This place today is regarded as a significant archaeological site. It was also thought to be the capital of Ulaidh during the ancient times. It is thus preserved with utmost care. At the Navan Centre one will find plenty of data, artifacts and information about the history of this place. The Centre also arranges for a tour of the Navan Fort for the visitors.
Armagh County Museum is another interesting place to visit here. The museum was opened for public in 1937 and is also the oldest museum. The museum houses collections which include specimens gathered from archaeology, art, history, natural history, transport and costume. Objects belonging to pre-historic period can also be found here. There are even specimens of birds and mammals. The museum is open to visitors from 10.00am in the morning until 5.00pm in the evening. The architecture of the museum building is also very popular.

St Patrick’s holds a lot of importance in County Armagh for being its patron saint. The St Patrick’s Church of Ireland is one of the places worth visiting. The church is said to have been built sometime in 445 AD and as the name suggests, it was built in honour of St Patrick. The Cathedral is the seat of Archbishop of Armagh. There is also the St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. This Roman Catholic Church was built near the cathedral in the 19th century. Both structures are known for their architectural designs. The Catholic Church is the seat of Catholic Archbishop.

Brownlow House or Lurgan Castle as it is popularly known is another attraction here. It was built in 1822 using Scottish sandstones. It was a residential house of Brownlow family. Even today, the castle is famous for its architectural design. During the Second World War, the castle provided shelter and protection to the military troops.

Armagh Planetarium and Armagh Observatory are situated close to one another. The Planetarium was re-opened to the public in 2006 after carrying out some renovation work. It is open from Monday to Saturday between 10.00am in the morning until 5.00pm in the evening. There are shows and rocket making activities arranged for kids. One of the important things kept at the Planetarium is the huge meteorite that is believed to be 4.5 billion years old. The Observatory was founded in 1789. It is located on the ground known as Armagh Astropark. The Observatory is considered to be the oldest institution in the science field in Northern Ireland. Also seen on display are models of the Universe and the Solar system. The Observatory specifically deals with conducting research in astronomy and other related science.

Milford House and Milford House Museum offer the visitors a glimpse into the 19th century world. Milford House was built by Robert McCrum. The architecture of the house was considered to be an architectural marvel of that time. The Museum stands only a few meters away. The museum houses collections that depict the Milford House. In other words, the museum showcases the visitors the interior of the Milford House which includes its furniture, walls, other items used and kept in the house, etc. The museum also narrates to its visitors the history of the McCrum family. The collections also include those received from the Manor House School.

One of the things to do in Armagh is to visit the Lough Discovery Centre. This Centre lies near the famous Lough Neagh. The Centre has been established to provide knowledge on issues that are important for protecting the environment. Ponds, woodlands, walking areas, cafes, etc., can be found within the premises of this Lough Discovery Centre. Apart from this, one can visit ‘The Mall’. It is a popular cricket ground. It can be very easily confused with a shopping mall. The ambience of the ground is very peaceful and relaxing. People also come here for talking a walk and taking time out from the hectic lifestyle.

Another interesting thing to do is visit the Ring Gullion. It is a ring dyke that was created as a result of volcanic activity which took place many years ago. This area is also home to the famous Slieve Gallion Forest Park. The Forest Park offers walking trails, adventure park for kids, etc. Around the park one can find cafes. These cafes are situated in the Slieve Gallion Courtyard.

Gosford Forest Park is a huge area comprising of woodland and open parkland. Several activities like barbeque, camping, horse riding, etc., are available here. The Forest park also has within its premises, the popular Gosford Castle.
Peatlands Park is one of the popular parks in Armagh. The park is situated close to the Lough Neagh. The idea behind opening a park of this nature was to create awareness and spread knowledge about the peatlands. The park is also popular for its various types of flora and fauna. The Peatlands Park is looked after by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

County Armagh is also famous for its nightlife. There are several pubs and bars that attract young crowd. These pubs and bars offer a good place to hang out with friends and enjoy a relaxed evening after work or go on weekends. These places are also known to have good music. The following are some of the popular pubs and bars in Armagh-

The Railway Bar
Address: 103 Railway St, Armagh, County Armagh BT61 7HS, United Kingdom
Telephone No.: +44 28 3752 3792

Red Neds Bar
Address: 27-31 Ogle Street, Armagh, BT61 7EW
Telephone No. : 028 3752 2249
Website: http://www.rednedsbar.com/

The Hole In The Wall
Address: 9 Market St, Armagh BT61 7BW, United Kingdom
Telephone No. :+44 28 3752 3515
Website: www.theholeinthewallbar.com

Keegan’s Bar
Address: 48 Upper Irish St, Armagh, County Armagh BT61 7EP, United Kingdom
Telephone No. : +44 28 3751 7673

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