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The Albert Clock tower is located on Victoria street. The street is at the very center of the town and well connected by all forms of transport. The number at which the Albert Clock tower caretaker can be contacted is 02890270456. The website is belfastcity.gov.uk. The precise address that can be used and shown to people in case it is needed to find the place is Belfast City Hall, Belfast, BT15GS. The nearest tourist information place is Belfast Tourist Welcome center.

Places to stay near the Albert Clock tower

The following places make for good locations to stay near the clocktower for tourists. As Belfast is a very popular tourist destination it has quite a few good hotels that a person can reside in comfortably. Most of these places also offer up to date services such as laundry, swimming pool, child care. Given below is a list of a few hotels that a touist can stay at while visiting the Albert Clock tower at Belfast.

I) Hotels near Albert Clock Belfast

The Holiday Inn Belfast

Contact Details

Address: 22-26, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, Co- Anterim, BT2 8HS.

Website: www.holidayinn.com/belfast

Email: reservationsbelfast@ihg.com
Tel: 028 9032 8511
Fax:028 9062 6546
Prices for the Rooms

Room Only: Costs from 75 Euro to 199 Euro

Including Breakfast: 85 Euro to 219


From the M1 or M2 Motorway join the westlink at the next roundabout (Grosvenor Road) follow the signposts for the city center then take the first right and second left into Hope street. At the second set of traffic lights take a turn into Bedford Street. At the next set of traffic lights take a turn into Ormeau avenue. Holiday inn is immediately to the left. Car parking is also available and payable.

About the Hotel

The Holiday inn is one of the most popular hotels in Belfast. It has all the modern facilities such as a Jacuzzi, a swimming pool and a fitness suite etc. It also provides a full range of beauty treatments. To top it all off, it is also located in the center of the city.

This is particularly useful because it makes it easy for tourists to get around the city without having to move around and shift into different accommodation. It is situated in the golden mile area of Belfast city and is walking distance from the shopping center and also from all the nightclubs and the party scenes. Belfast City hall, the waterfront hall, Opera house are all situated at walking distance from the hotel. The rooms are also extremely spacious and the reviews state that the service is impeccable. It indeed deserves to top the list when it comes to hotels in Belfast.

Raddison Blu Hotel Belfast

Contact Details
Address: The Gasworks, 3 Cormack place, Ormeau Road, Belfast, Co. Anterim
Website: www.raddisonblu.co.uk
Email: info.belfast@raddissonblu.com
Telephone:9043 4365
Fax: 9043 4066

Prices for the Rooms

Room Only: 86-109 Euros

2 night midweek Bed and breakfast including one evening meal: 99.50 Euros


It is located within walking distance of the cities commercial and shopping districts. It is located centrally. It is extremely hard to miss. It is a few feet away from the Belfast Tourist welcome center

About the Hotel

The Raddison Blu is supposedly known for its calm and sophisticated ambience as well as atmosphere. It advertises itself by stating that it is different from other places that people choose to stay at because at Raddisson the guests come first. They are also known for their intensive guest friendly policy. The key feature of this hotel however is its location. It is located within the campus of Belfast Gasworks. It also has its own fancy waterworks.

Since it possesses these features, the hotel overlooks the waterworks feature of Belfast Gasworks. This was specifically designed keeping the peace of the guests in mind. It is a brilliant feature because although it is near the bustling city area, it is not at all hard to have a peaceful nights sleep that is completely free of noise. The hotel is said to have a very glamorous edge to it because of its unique interior design. It combines contemporary chic with funky and edgy design. It has 120 bedrooms and six meeting rooms.

Vacancies are usually got easily except for the peak months when an advance reservation may be required. The bedrooms in this hotel have two styles, Nodic and Urban. They also have special suites. The Suite number 7 is supposed to be the largest one bedroom suite available in the whole city of Belfast. It is ideal for holidaying tourists but due to the extravagant prices it is actually more of a business hotel. The restaurants also have a slightly formal touch which makes them a perfect location to hold meetings.

The Fillini Restaurant is also known for its medittranian and Italian specialty cuisine. Those fond of such food must go there to eat at the restaurant if not stay. Its ambience is also pretty picturesque with floor to ceiling windows that add to the beauty of the room. To add to the perfection of this hotel as a place to stay it offers valet parking for the guests as well, for payment off course. There is a 50% discount Monday to Thursday and a 100 % Discount for weekend stays.

Ten Square Hotel

Contact Details

Address: 10 Donegall Square South, Belfast, Co Anterim, BT15JD
Webpage: www.tensquare.co.uk
Email: reservations@tensuare.co.uk
Phone number: 9024 1001

Fax Number: 9024 3201

On the corner of Linenhall Street and Donegall square South, directly behind city hall in Belfast City Center.

Prices for the Rooms

Very Similar to the hotel listed first.


This is another hotel that is extremely popular with guests. It is different from the Raddison in the sense that it lacks the glamour and sophistication of the former but it has the quality of being charming and rather quaint which is what the people who live there tend to enjoy most about the place. Also, it has various number of people who go there to try the coffee shop that is known for its creative coffee flavours.

The amenities that are provided in the room are the usual beds and furniture depending on the room chosen. They usually provide guests with king size beds though which adds to the glamour of the hotel room.

It has a restaurant called the Grill Room and Bar. As the name suggests it serves alcohol which makes it a perfect destination for guests who fancy a late night drink or who want to order the same to their rooms. It is a Colonial style restaurant. They claim to use the highest quality ingredients in all their preparations. The best part about dining at this restaurant is apparently the prices. It is supposed to offer amazing food at extremely affordable prices.

The menu is made in such a way that simple traditional dishes are served with a modern twist. Live music is also played in the bar for entertainment of the guests on Mondays Wednesdays and Sundays after 11.00 pm. There is also something called a porcelain suite on the first floor of the hotel that can be used for formal occasions as well. Hence the restaurant is not exclusively for casual occasions and can cater to the business crowd as well.


Contact Details
Address: 35, Salisbery Court, Belfast, Anterim BT71DD
Website: www.malamaison.com

Email: Belfast@malamaison.com
Telephone: 90220200
Fax: 90220220


Leave via the Chichester street. It is past the Law courts which are on the left. Another quarter mile from there would lead to the hotel. It is on the Right Hand side of the Road.

Prices of the Rooms

Can be found out by calling up the hotel or just emailing them for details.


The Malamaison hotel is comparatively new as opposed to the other hotels near the Albert clock memorial. It is made with a new idea in mind. It claims to have started a new trend by using new innovative ideas to make a hotel that stands out from the rest. The main difference is in the dcor. Rather than being classy and understate the hotel uses a style that is wild and provocative. The colours red and black are used in a lot of their dcor. It is called the independent hotel for individual people.

This basically means that it is a hotel that caters mostly to singles rather than people who come for a vacation as couples. It is known for its amazing style and great value with its two new rock and roll suits. Also, it has a bar that is very stylishly done and uses a colour combination of black and silver that gives it a rather foxy appearance. Apart from that it also has the usual laundry services and wireless internet connection in the rooms.

Although it does not have particular child care facilities as people rarely stay in this hotel with children, it does offer the high chair for the children to eat on as well as the extra cot for them.

It is known as a fun place to stay for an exiting time at Belfast.

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