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There are array of festivals that are celebrated in County Aramagh which are popular among locals and tourists alike. Popular festivals celebrated in Armagh have been stated below.

Georgian Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Armagh city. This day is celebrated every year in the month of November. On this day, everything is Georgian. In other words, everything from markets to streets will have a Georgian look to it. People dress up in clothes similar to those worn by the Georgians. As this event is celebrated extremely close to Christmas the excitement among people during this time is two-fold. There are carriage rides, food and drinks stalls. By witnessing this event, one gets a glimpse of how the Georgian era must have been.

Apple Blossom festival is also known as Apple Blossom fair. This fair is organized in County Armagh. It is a summer festival and it starts on the last days of April and is held for four days. The fair is organized to celebrate the blossoming of the apple flowering. This fair also holds importance as County Armagh is considered to be the Apple capital of Northern Ireland. Here, the visitors even learn about the long history of apple growing.

St Patricks Day is an important religious festival in Northern Ireland and particularly in Armagh. It is celebrated on 17th March every year to honour the work of St Patricks. On this day, everything is green. People wear green costumes, the food is dyed in edible green colour or it includes loads of green ingredients, etc. Earlier this day was only recognized as a feast day. Today, it is grown to include dance, parade, food, etc. This day is a public holiday in most regions. The most common thing seen on this day is the Shamrock leaf, a symbol of St Patricks Day. Traditional St Patricks day food is served that comprises of corned beef and cabbage, Irish stew, Irish brown bread among other things.

Another interesting festival celebrated in County Armagh is the Wickerman Festival. It is known as a festival of fire and flames. The festival is organized annually in August at the Navan Centre. It celebrates Lugh, an ancient Celtic Sun God. The celebration includes live music by live bands, theatrical performance, arts and craft, craft demonstrations, dancing and then there are fire dancers who show their talent, etc. An effigy of Wickerman is burnt as a part of the festival ritual.

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