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Celtronic is one of the popular electronic music festivals celebrated in the Northern Ireland. It is held in the city of Derry. It is a summer festival that is organized between June and July and is being organized annually for more than a decade now. This music festival sees the participation of local as well as International artists. It is organized at different venues in the city and the tickets for the same are available a few days before the event commences. With each passing year, the love and popularity for Celtronic music festival has seen a steady rise.

Walled City Music festival is organized every year in Derry. This festival is held in June. During this festival, renowned musicians participate. It is a classical music festival. Those who like listening to classical music will have a gala time at the festival. The festival goes on for four days and each day, a different artist performs. This classical music festival is being organized every year for more than 5 years now and draws a large number of audience, both local and tourists.

Jazz music lovers will have a splendid time at the Derry Jazz and Big Band festival that is organized in the city of Derry. It is a summer festival and is held annually in April. This jazz festival was first organized more than 10 years ago and with each year, its popularity has only grown. The festival goes on for a week. During this period, programmes are organized at different venues. Popular jazz artists and bands come here to perform.

Another jazz festival that is popular is Danny Boy Jazz and Blues Festival. This festival is organized each year for the past 20 years or so in June in the town of Limavady in County Derry. Like other jazz festivals, this festival is also organized for a few days. The jazz concerts take place at different venues. Bands and artists from around the world participate in this festival.

Foyle International Maritime festival is an annual event that is organized in Londonderry in June or July. The festival goes on for a week. One of the highlights of the festival is the sailing of several yachts to the port. This sailing of yachts is in the form of World Yacht Race known as the Clipper Round. Also on display are various types of ships, popular among them being the Phoenix. Phoenix is a tall ship that attracts visitors from nearby places. Live music is played here by renowned musicians.

City of Derry Guitar festival is an annual festival that is organized in August for 3 days. This festival offers spectacular experience to the music enthusiasts and guitarists in particular. Those interested in playing or learning the instrument can benefit from the classical guitar course that is held on the weekend. There are jazz, electrical and beginners courses available. These courses are held by professional guitarists. The festival is held at different venues in city Derry. Professional artists, both local and international perform at the festival.

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