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Any avid travellers who wish to travel from Belfast, Ireland to one of the most beautiful concrete jungles in the world, London, would consider taking flights from Belfast to London. These days thanks to low cost carrier airlines, travelling between Belfast and London need not cost a fortune unlike the old days.

Travellers nowadays prefer to take the long journey that would cost them less so they could spend more once they land in their destination. There are many modes of transportation to get from Belfast to London. Many would consider taking the train, but for those who wish to cut their journey short due to time constraints or prefer not to take hours to get to their destinations can choose cheap flights that are also available.

George Best Belfast Airport is named after one of Europe most legendary football player who carved his name best as a Red Devil, representing the 18 times Barclay’s Premiere League England’s Football champions. Located in Belfast City itself, many will find capable airlines with affordable fares to travel all the way to London, England.

When asking around for the best budget flights from Belfast to London, many would recommend Flybe Limited, one of the most successful British airways that travel around Europe. Flybe offers affordable ticket prices as well as providing a high standard service for their customers. So far, Flybe has not disappointed their customers with this customer service and sales commitment. Another airline you can take is EasyJet Airlines.

EasyJet is a British airline with its main headquarters in Luton, London and takes passengers to almost 500 destinations including around Europe, North Africa and West Asia. EasyJet is well known as the airline company that helps customers to purchase their flight tickets at the most affordable price and without the extra payment of travelling agencies.

However, many Irish people would recommend Ryanair, a low cost airline is head-quartered in Ireland itself. It travels to almost 1100 routes across Europe and Morroco and its success includes the largest low cost carriers. Ryanair is best known around the globe for its low prices and crazy ideas for making money such as charging to use the toilet on board the aeroplane.

Ryanair started in 1985 travelling a short distance from Waterford to London and quickly the airline expanded and became one of Europe’s leading carriers. Just like the other airlines mentioned above, Ryanair too provides their customers with low cost plane fares as well as high standard customer service ensuring customers a worthwhile experience throughout their flight from Belfast to London despite their zany money making ideas.

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