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IT WORKS! – Health/Wellness Home Based Business Opportunity

it works business opportunity

It Works Every so often….something comesalong that makes you say, “WOW!”

See Results In 45 Minutes! A truly unique, spa-atmosphere, at-home party thatpeople will be begging to attend! Spend time with friends as you experiencethe inch-loss body applicator and toning facial OR shop “on-line” from theconvenience of your own home!

IT WORKS! top-selling product, “The Ultimate Body Applicator” is a powerfullotion infused non-woven cloth that while applied to the skin, tightens, tonesand firms the skin while reducing inches (NOT WATER LOSS and results last 2 – 6months).

Not only does it tighten, tone and firm but it also fades stretch marks andreduces the appearance of cellulite from your abs, arms, back, legs andbuttocks!!! “The Ultimate Body Applicator” is easily applied to the skin in asimple one-step process and worn for only 45 minutes!

The IT WORKS! “Facial Applicator and Chin & Neck Applicator” have a powerfulformula that not only tighten and tone but soften lines, reduce wrinkles andimproves skin elasticity for a more younger looking skin!!! Your skin looksand feels softer and smoother in just one application!!! It is a pain free,cost-effective alternative to cosmetic surgery that will take years off of yourappearance!!!

You can now offer this “exclusive”, natural alternative at 1/10 of the cost! The unique flexibility of the Ultimate Applicators will allow you a variety ofmarketing techniques, some of which are listed below:

• Salons & Day Spas

• Massage Studios

• Fitness & Weight Loss Clubs

• Wrap-N-Lose Parties with family and friends

• Bridal Boutiques

• One-on-one consultations

• Online Web Sales

The IT WORKS! product line capitalizes on the popular concerns of our everydaysociety.

People everywhere are getting liposuction, face-lifts and radical procedures tochange their appearance to look years younger!!!

The health & wellness industry is growing at an alarming rate. The hugepopulation of baby boomers are now looking for solutions to look younger andfeel healthier and we are on the fore-front of the opportunity. NOW IS THETIME!!!

Would you like an opportunity that you can truly have fun with and at the sametime sustain you as a full-time income provider? If so, this is it!

Our Distributor program has been designed so that you can work less, earn moreand start living the life you’ve always wanted by selling an amazing product. When you make the choice to commit to my Team, there is unlimited growthpotential and a proven support system to assist you at all times. What sets usapart from all other home-based party and network marketing organizations isthat we are committed to making sure you are successful AND The Ultimate BodyApplicator makes the business FUN and SIMPLE because IT WORKS! This productliterally sells itself!!!

Featured at the Oscar’s and the Emmy’s!!!

I have designed a system where if you are committed to working your business, Iwill teach you how to reach your financial freedom!

In just 4 months with this business I have earned the 3rd highest position withIT WORKS! and am earning a 5 figure income a month and I can teach you to dothe same…..it’s that simple!!!

In my 12 years in the direct selling industry I have never seen anything thatbuilds this quickly and pays out this much money! IT WORKS! pays out 8 timesmore than any other party plan or mlm in the industry!

If you are self-motivated, teachable and committed to growing this business, Iwill teach you how simple this business really is and show you the kind oflifestyle that everyone dreams about!!!

You have nothing to lose but inches and everything to gain $$$!

Join my “DREAM TEAM” today……….what have you got to lose?

Donna L. Wickett

Triple Diamond

IT WORKS! Canada

Put some “FUN” back into your life with a WRAP-N-LOSE PARTY….what have yougot to lose???


Email: wickett@telusplanet.net

Contact Details:

First Name: Donna

E-mail Address: wickett@telusplanet.net

Web Site URL: http://www.tryittodayitworks.com/

Street Address: Box 808


State/Prov: ALBERTA

Zip/Postal Code: T0L 1R0

Country: Canada

Business Phone: 403-646-5669


Opening Hours: 24/7

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