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Flights to Belfast from Mahon the capitol city of Menorca are available with two airlines. Both fly into Belfast’s international airport which is located 15km from the city centre.

Jet2.com operates regular flights to and from belfast and Mahon.More information on the latest timetable schedules can be obtained by contacting the airline using the number shown below:

Airline Code: LS

Reservations: 0871 226 1 737

Website: www.jet2.com

Also holidays to Mahon and Menorca as well as flights to and from Belfast are provided by the well known Thomas Cook holiday operators.

More details can be provided by contacting the airline/holiday operator using details shown below:

Airline Code: TCX

Reservations: 0871 895 0055

Website: www.thomascook.com
Further information on other flights to Belfast here.

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