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Recommended Northern Ireland hotels for travellers to this beuatiful little country.

Northern Ireland Hotels

When visiting Northern Ireland, you may be wondering which Northern Ireland hotels to book. There are many different styles of accommodation you can choose from, ranging from guest houses to hotels.

Hotels in Northern Ireland are quite unique. Although your trip to Northern Ireland may involve sight seeing at various tourist attractions such as the Giant’s Causeway, lakes, rolling green hills in the countryside, and castles, you are in for a great surprise. Something unique about hotels in Northern Ireland are that they act as a social hub for the local community, and therefore offers you a chance to truly discover into the charming Northern Irish culture.

There are 2 main organisations that you can search for accommodation in Northern Ireland via the internet. These two websites are www.irelandhotels.com which is run by the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (also known as NIHF). Alternatively, there is www.discovernorthernireland.com which is the Northern Ireland Tourism Board’s official site for visitors to the country.

If you want to check out what accommodation is currently available for your holiday, both the Ireland Hotels and Discover Northern Ireland websites have a booking feature where you can find what accommodation is available for the period that you are staying in Northern Ireland for.

The difference between both websites are that Ireland Hotels focuses more on the hotels and golf themed visits, where as the Discover Northern Ireland website is slightly more organised and tourist oriented. There are many helpful features that are available such as the ability to choose accommodation offers by region. For example, if you intend to visit Fermanagh Lakelands or perhaps the Causeway Coast and the Glens, then you can choose those regions and special offers available in those regions will appear to assist in making your choice of accommodation very easy.

Discover Northern Ireland also has other great features such as helping you to plan your hotel stays around various major attractions and other common reasons that you may plan your visit to Ireland for such as to find your roots, discovering the religious history and heritage of St Patrick, or finding more about the Titanic which was built in Belfast. In addition, gourmands may will appreciate finding out more about the uniquely Northern Irish foods and the food trails.

So whether it is that you want to stay in the capital of Belfast, or perhaps travel around the country for food, culture, beautiful scenery, or for genealogy, using the hotel websites from the Northern Ireland Hotels Federation and the Northern Ireland Tourism Board will definitely help you in choosing the best Northern Ireland hotels around.

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