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Pictures of Belfast:If you have any favourite photographs of Belfast and Northern Ireland, you would like to share with our website visitors we would be delighted to receive them, just send them to us.

Manchester-based photographer Aidan O’Rourke is a big fan of Belfast and has captured many of the city’s landmarks.

“Belfast has many magnificent buildings including the City Hall and the Waterfront Hall. Few cities in the world have such a unique profile and history,” he says.

“Another striking thing is the close proximity of the hills which are visible along streets from many angles. Whenever I visit Belfast I’m always excited by the photographic opportunities.”

Some samples of Aidan’s work are shown below.

howard street belfast
belfast fish
belfast wheel
belfast city hall
cavehill belfast

See more of Aidan’s photos of Belfast on his website aidan.co.uk.

If you wish to send your own photographs: The slightly big small print! (Please note, photographs must be your own original work and by sending them to Belfast Northern Ireland website, you are giving us permission to republish them on this site and also the permission to resize/edit where necessary before uploading )

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