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Running to lose weight May 2013

Running to lose weight May 2013. Daily updates from Dominic’s program of weight loss through running.

Actually maybe this program should have been named walking to lose weight, as for now the majority of every weeks “training” involves walking.

The aims this month are to go sub 90kgs and to comfortably run 3miles or 5kms

Anyhow here are the updates for May 2009

Friday 1st May

2 X 30 mins walking.plus another 40-45 mins walking!!

Saturday 2nd May

2hrs cycling 16.5mph = 33 miles.

I think they have put glue on the roads as I am stuck to them!

Weigh in 91.7kgs (feels like 191.7kgs), but on the bright side the weight is heading in the right direction.

Sunday 3rd May

Run 1.5 miles 13mins

plus walked for 4miles/1hr with my beautiful Mexican Wife.

Suffering with Eye Twitching tonite, a sign of tiredness.

Well a good rest and onward tomorrow!

Monday 4th May

Walked 4 miles with wife and kids.Was going to go cycling but feeling tired.Also my eye now has a Stye which means I need a good rest and maybe some Vino!

Tuesday 5th May

No running, just 2x 30mins walks.Very Tired.

Wed 6th May

Walked about 1hr 15 mins.Start running again tomorrow.

Thursday 7th May

Walked 2x 30 mins plus back running 14mins 1.5miles

Friday 8th May

2x 30 mins walk

Saturday 9th May.bad had a vegetable day!

Sunday 10th May

Back on track 2miles 17m 14s on a beautiful sunny morning.

Later walked 1hr in Tollymore Forest Park.

Monday 11th May

Walked 30mins

Tuesday 12th May

Walk 2x 30 mins plus ran 16mins(walked a bit too during the run!)

Wednesday 13th May

Walk 2X 30mins

Thursday 13th MayBig fat lunch30mins walk am 30mins pm plus 16mins run3x45s walk breaks

Friday 14th MayNo exercise,just vino and italian dinner:)!


Sunday 17th May

Ran 2.5miles 3×1 min walk breaks 23m 48s relaxed.(light rain and windy)

Mon 18th May and Tuesday 19th..training nil points(well ok 30mins walk on Monday,but usual vino that nite!)

More on Running To Lose Weight May 2009 here:

Wednesday 20th May

Ran 18mins 4 x 45s breaks.Walked 20mins.

Thursday and Friday 21st May

walked both days 2x 30mins walk

Saturday..another lazy day need to get back on track:)!

Sunday 24th May

Ran 3miles/5km 27.00mins with 3x1min walk breaks included.

Monday 25th Holiday “nil training”

Tuesday 26th May

Ran 18mins plus walked 30mins X 2

Wed 27th Walked 30 mins

Thursday 28th May

Ran 18 mins 3x45s walk breaks plus walked 30mins.

Maybe a 5K Fun Run next week!

Weight loss has maybe stagnated with mucho vino and less exercise.Still keep going!

Friday 29th May

Walked 2x 30mins

Saturday 30th May

Ran 3miles 27.00 mins 3x1min walk breaks

Last day of Running To Lose Weight May 2013..

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