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If you are travelling to Northern Ireland on a budget, you may want to consider using this transport service, also known as the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company (NITHCo).

NITHCo is the sole provider of public transport in this region, with the Ulsterbus, Metro bus system, and Northern Ireland Railways all under its umbrella.

Travelling by Northern Ireland Railways, Metro, and Ulsterbus is both safe and convenient. Unlike most transportation systems in the world, NITHCo boasts a high usage of its services by locals and has an excellent on- time service record. What is also rather unique is that NITHCo has many awesome promotions to help both locals and visitors to save money.

These include Metro Fridays and Rail Nights Out, which combine cheap fares and special discounts at various dining, special events, beauty therapy stores, entertainment venues including the Belfast Film Festival, the Junkyard Music Festival, the Queens Film Theatre, The Strand, Gourmet Burger Bank, Malmaison restaurant, White’s Tavern, and Bo Thai Tree restaurant. After all the travelling, you may even want to pamper yourself with a manicure or a new hair style!

To avoid the hassle of wondering which holiday tour company to go with that provides reliable transport, Translink Northern Ireland has many affordable short holiday break packages that can be arranged through either Ulsterbus or Northern Ireland Railways. Northern Ireland Railway’s holiday packages can suit anyone’s taste, from the vibrant hustle and bustle of Belfast, Derry, Galway, and Limerick, to the peace and tranquillity of Fermangh Lakes and the Mournes, to the majestic Giant’s Causeway in Antrim.

What is exciting about these packages is that you have the freedom to travel for 3 days on the train as many times as you like when you purchase one of Northern Ireland Railway’s holiday packages.

Ulsterbus arranges a wide variety of coach holidays around the United Kingdom and Europe for both schools and regular holidaymakers. There are 19 different coach tours around England and Wales, 5 around Continental Europe, and 13 around Scotland. Although most of these tours are quite general, there are also some unique tours that provide a different side of life in the British isles.

For example, there is a Spooky Scotland tour which includes a dinner with a local historian telling tales of lost love, tragedy, and horror; a visit to a castle and its scary underground vaults, a tarot card reading, and an excursion to the “Weeping Glen”, the infamous site where the MacDonald clan were massacred by the Campbells.

Translink Northern Ireland has a great variety of transportation with the unique added benefits of special discounts and cash back vouchers, which is just perfect for the budget traveller. When visiting Northern Ireland, NITHCo is truly the only way to travel.

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