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The Ulster Fry, the famous local breakfast is an important start to any day in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland.It is also known in the typical humour of Belfast as a “heart attack on a plate”

Traditionally it consists of the following: slices of bacon, eggs, sausages , soda bread and potato bread. Other common components and for additional calorie intake, include mushrooms,pancakes,tomatos and beans in tomato sauce. All this of course as the name suggests is traditionally fried.

This breakfast Fry is also often served for lunch and dinner in households and cafés throughout Northern Ireland.Of course usually not all in the same day, as one a day is enough for cholesterol levels! 

We even have are own version of this breakfast in Mexico, the only difference (which I am sure you can guess), is that we add lots of hot chillis!

Picture of the Belfast version below:


ulster fry 
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