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Running To Lose Weight June 2009

Running to lose weight June 2009 Diary.

Further updates on my weight loss program.A mixture of walking cycling and running to lose weight.Unfortunately the addition of vino tinto, chinese takeways and other such things does not entirely help the progam:)!

Updates so far

Monday 1st June

Walked 30mins. gorgeous sunny day (is this still Northern Ireland?)

Tuesday 2nd June

Ran 20mins 2.00 miles (5laps round the house) plus walked 30mins.Another muy caliente day(very hot!)

Further updates to follow on a daily basis.And as a starting point my weight has remained consistent since the beginning of May( too much good living!)

Wednesday 3rd June

Walked 30mins

Thursday 4th June

Ran 20mins with 4×1 min walk breaks 2.00 miles

Plus walked 1hour

Friday 5th June

Walked 1 hour

Saturday 6th June

Nil Training.Winter Returns to Northern Ireland

Sunday 7th June

Ran 3.5 miles

Monday 8th June

Walked 30mins

Tuesday 9th June

Ran 22mins 3.15/45 breaks plus 30mins walking

Wednesday 10th June

Walked 30mins

Thursday 11th June

Ran 22 mins plus 15mins walking

Fri 12th and Sat 13th June

Walked 30mins each day

Sunday 14th June

Ran 3.5 miles sub 31mins with 3 X 1 min walk breaks included.

Sorry busy last week but ran 24mins on Tuesday plus 1hr on bike saturday and then 4miles in sub 36mins with a 4min run/1min walk program.

Monday 22ND June

Walked 1hr

Tuesday 23rd June


Wednesday 24th June

Out on my superlight best of the top
amateur scott bikes

for 1hr 20mins relaxed cycling with bun run group. No buns for me!

Thursday and Friday 25th and 26th June

Walked 1hour each day.

Saturday 27th June

Cycled 2hours, got wet (oh yes this is Ireland!)

Sunday 28th June

Ran 4miles

Plus walked 1 hour.

Monday 29th June

Walked 1 hour am

Tuesday 30th June

Ran 32mins 3run 1 min walk am

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