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Running to lose weight.

Running To Lose Weight : My husband Dominic has decided to start running to try and slim down! After years of indulgence and partying he has added 25 kgs to his once slim frame.

Now he has awoken and decided it is time for a change (need just to check that it is not April Fools Day!).

So today Thursday 16th April 2009 we made a trip into Belfast to purchase some running shoes, especially designed for overweight runners (lots of cushioning!).

Over the next few weeks he is going to faithfully chart his progress with a detailed training diary. He is hoping this will inspire both him and others in similar circumstances.

(just nipping out to going to collect the “Run Fat Boy Run DVD”)

Well here “HE” goes:

Starting Point

Height: 6ft Weight: 95kgs

Running To Lose Weight

Thursday 16th April 2009

Run/Jogged 10 minutes, including 2 x 1 mins walk breaks.

Friday 17th April 2009

5 Miles walk from Lurgan to Moira.

Saturday 17th April

3 mile walk around lagan towpath at Shaws Bridge/Edenderry in Belfast (with kids and a burger stop!!)

Sunday18th April

Ran 1 mile/ 12 minutes couple of short walk breaks included.

By the way the shoes I am using are Saucony Ride with Pro/Grid cushioning and are a 9 and a half size, one half size larger than my civilian shoes.

Saucony Progrid

PM:Added another 2.5 mile casual walk in the spring sunshine with the kids.

That will do for a start this week!

Monday 20th April

3o mins brisk walk.

Tuesday 21st April

Ran 10 minutes plus brisk walk 30mins. I deserve some Vino Tinto!

Wednesday 22nd April

1hour walk, plus extra 30 min walk PM

Thursday 23rd April

Ran 10m.O4s = 1 mile. Getting fitter?

Plus walked 30 mins am and …another 30 minutes this evening.

Friday 24th April

Two half hour walks one am and one pm.

Still a long way to go in this running to lose weight program.

Sat 25th April

1 mile 9.00 mins

Sunday 26th April

Cycled 2hrs easy about 32miles, plus watched the London Marathon (maybe next year!)

Incidentally current weight is 92.7kgs, only another 20kgs to go!

I have promised myself that if I get down to 73kgs I will buy myself one of those Superfast Cervelo Bikes and start racing on the bike again, as well as running!

Mon 27th April

Walked 30 mins am and another 30 mins pm

Tues 28th April 2009

12 mins run am (about 1.2miles/2km), and the 30 mins walk am and 30 mins walk pm.

Maybe sub 92kg by 1st MAY:)?

Wed 29th April


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Thurs 30th April

12 mins run evening, plus now usual 30mins walk am and pm.

And the prize…yes Vino Tinto!

Forward to May 2009 weight loss diary

Stephen Nolan, my husbands favourite radio show read more here.

If you have any comments questions or words of encouragement about Dominic and his running to lose weight program, just add them here..

Coming up soon the next month’s campaign of running to lose weight.But first where is that vino?

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